San Jose Baseball Training Center (SJBTC)



   We use our facility to focus on the fundamentals of hitting. We are not batting cages with pitching machines; we focus on the fundamental mechanics with live pitching. This allows the player to refine timing based on release points and learn specific pitching release points and hand positions. Our Facility is located in Campbell. Our training programs consist of hitting, pitching and catching sessions. As player develops we then need specific positional training. We help players understand the correct position for their physique and abilities. Then focus on teaching the footwork, glove work and nuances of playing that position.      

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Mental Approach


  Baseball is a mental game. The pitcher tries to out think the batter, the batter tries to predict the next pitch, and the fielders anticipate where the ball is going to go based on the pitch location. All of these can quickly become information overload for the young player. The stresses of trying to understand the complexities of the game can be overwhelming together with often being the focus of attention. We spend time to educate our players as they grow through the system, bringing in external speakers to explain how to deal with and compartmentalize such stresses. This helps accelerate the maturity of the baseball mind, helping the young player to stay in the game by understanding what is going on beyond the visceral pitch and swing.  

Strength and Agility


  Baseball is a sport and basic fitness and agility is often overlooked in the early stage of a player’s development. We run a program that introduces agility workouts at an early age, working on improving range, running speed and general reflexes to give the player a significant advantage at the game.