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What People Say about SJBTC and California Bulldogs

  California Bulldogs has played a huge role in helping him to the next level. The competition and showcases are the best in the area. This organization opens your eyes to a whole new world of baseball. It taught me the "right" way to play the game. I have received countless comments on the style of play that I can confidently say was a product of The Bulldogs. Patrick Higashi Piedmont hills to Cal State Bakersfield  If your son were interested in making baseball an important part of his life, I would highly recommend working with Ernie and the California Bulldogs. My son was a part of the Bulldog organization for two years, during his sophomore and junior years in high school. He played for a high school that does not get a lot of recognition and would not have a chance of college recruitment through his high school play. Ernie definitely recognized that my son had a chance for a college scholarship and made sure that he was scouted at various tournaments that Patrick played in. It is a financial commitment, but definitely paid off for us because my son did receive a college scholarship and will be playing baseball for Cal State Bakersfield this year. Ernie requires practice and dedication from the player, but is willing to give the player his time if the player is willing to try. Ernie is very communicative about scouts that show interest and will make sure that your son will know about the possible interest in him and showcase him at the tournaments where he can be seen. Good luck with your baseball future, Patrice Carper  


  My son was an excellent hitter when he was twelve, but he struggled once he went up to the bigger field. He kept fighting, but he was ready to quit baseball after two frustrating years. I heard about Ernie from a friend and decided we should at least be open to a hitting coach. On our first night seeing the kid’s work with Ernie, we were amazed how hard he got the kids to hit and the positive reinforcement he constantly provided. My son got excited about the prospects of working with Ernie (a big change from being ready to quit the game). We have been working with Ernie for the past couple of months and my son completely believes he can now reach his full potential as a hitter. He is looking forward to again trying out for his high school team.  


  Ernie has been a significant help to both my son's. His eye and the way he can communicate the message elevate both the mental and physical abilities of my son's. Max (age 15) is more confident at the plate than ever and his swing looks awesome. Dominic (age 11) has been brought to a level far and above where he had been and it's due to Ernie's expertise. Both the boy's rave about Ernie and can't wait to go work out with him.  



  It doesn't take long when observing Coach Sariñana to notice two main points: 1) his vast knowledge of the game of baseball; and 2) his interest in seeing each individual player on his team develop sound baseball and life skills. It is apparent that his philosophy emphasizes a strong team framework with the success of each player, whatever his level, and the whole team in mind. He is strong in team discipline, noting that when one player is out of line, it impacts the entire team. I have, however, never once heard him say something negative to any player or to the group. He does provide constructive criticism in a positive manner in terms of helping a player develop appropriate skills. His approach is to work with each player at the level that individual is at, with one common attribute - his respect for each player. I recommend Coach Sarinana because I know he possesses the right qualities that will inspire a group of ball players, of which my son is one, instilling not just fine baseball skills, but more importantly, skills that will reflect positively on their life development.  


  Ernie's approach to teaching is the antithesis to those coaches who use the cookie cutter approach to teaching hitting. He takes the individual and builds on his strengths and carefully and methodically eliminates his weaknesses while at the same time building the player's confidence. It has been a pleasure watching him transform my son in just 3 months from someone who was afraid to miss the ball into someone who looks forward to hitting it hard. Ernie breaks down hitting to its simplest terms and eliminates the mechanical approach to hitting that has become so commonplace. The atmosphere he provides is positive and he makes baseball fun. My 14-year-old son has made significant strides as a hitter in these last months, but the biggest transformation has been in his attitude where he now looks forward to batting practice and baseball as a whole. To me that is priceless. I look forward to what is to come.  


    I can neither praise nor compliment Ernie enough. He takes a genuine personal interest in all the kids to make sure they achieve their dreams in baseball. You can see Ernie's love for the game and his job in what he does every day. My son Brent came to the SJBTC four months ago having basically never played before. The progress he has made has been amazing. Last week he made his High School team and we owe most of that credit to Ernie. We will always remember this. Thanks for all the help!    



  When I was 13 years old I joined the California Bulldogs. When I joined this team I was small and wasn't given the shot to pitch. Ernie finally gave me that chance and he worked with me every time I went into the shop. To this day he is still working with me and I am improving. I am now getting a scholarship to pitch in college. I can say I wouldn't be getting this scholarship if it weren’t for Ernie and the Bulldogs baseball program. To me this is the type of organization you want your son to play for, they help you develop as a player and a man. They are a class act organization, focusing on discipline, work ethic, appearance on and off the field and hustle. They preach the little things that are the difference between you and the guy your competing against.  I learned going to showcases the little things they focus on are the things that get you noticed by colleges.  Ernie and the Bulldogs put me in places where You could get looked at and succeed. They get you college exposure but they only can do so much. It's your job to use what they taught you and work as hard as you can work to get where you want to be. Being put in front of colleges doesn't mean your ready. You have to work everyday to improve and if you do that, focus on the little things like the Bulldog staff focuses on at these showcases and tournaments you will be noticed. Ernie prepared me for these showcases and tournaments we went to. He walks you through the recruiting process but he can't want it more than you do.If you want it more than he does and you want to play at the next level, Bulldogs is the team you want to play for and Ernie is the coach you want to have. He will get you where you want to be if you show hard work, commitment, and respect. Those three things are important for Ernie and the Bulldogs. You focus on those three things and that's what you want in a program and coach. If it wasn't for Ernie I wouldn't be going to play baseball in college with a scholarship. If you want to make it to the next level Bulldogs is who you want to play for and Ernie is the coach you want to have going through that process with.