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We are currently looking for players 10u-18u. Please fill out forms below and a coach will get back to you .

Welcome to the San Jose Baseball Training Center


San Jose Baseball Training Center (SJBTC)

We are proud to offer a program that allows serious baseball players to advance their skills through training programs and tournament play. Our program runs from 10U to 18U and grows with the players age and ability.  A young player will begin their career in the California Bulldogs where we will expand on what has been taught in league play such as Little League and Pony. Bulldog Baseball will help condition and prepare your player for college placement. The San Jose Baseball Training Center prides itself on its long history on successful college baseball placements. This website will provide all of the information about the coaches, our history, the training that is available and how to tryout for one of our tournament teams. Take some time and if you are interested you can contact us from the contact us



You don't have to be the best ball player when joining us, you just need to have the ability to learn and show a clear appetite for the sport. We will take that and foster the enthusiasm working with the player to grow their skills. We offer various programs that focus on hitting, defense and pitching, all designed to enhance the players skill while still cultivating their love of the game.



The longer our Bulldog baseball teams exist the better they get. We focus on player development, working with the players to enhance their all around capabilties in their early years of development. Introducing them to new positions and continually assessing their progress with our baseball trainers. Once their basic skills are established natural tendencies start to show and we work on guiding those tendancies and placing the players in the position that they can succeed in.


Our History

The Bulldogs program of today was founded in Southern California as Ernie Sarinana wanted to develop his coaching skills during the off-season of his playing career. The California Rockies were based out of Walnut California and were built around a heavy training ethic run out of Pro's school of Baseball. After three successful seasons, Ernie moved to Northern California and the San Jose area in 2000. Here he established the California Bulldogs travel team. Initially the Bulldogs were based around a field practice methodology and minimal traveling in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the program grew and multiple age groups were introduced the teams success increased from both a player development and competitive results perspective. In 2005 The Bulldogs found a permanent home, an indoor facility that allowed pitching and hitting practice year round regardless of weather, as well as provide a base of operations for the growing sports team. In 2009 the California Bulldogs partnered with one of the leading College Development programs in the country. This led to a series of elite teams being built that were specifically designed to play at the highest competitive level and attend showcases around the country to show off their talents to college and professional scouts. In 2016 San Jose Baseball Training made its next generational leap joining with another Elite team to offer the next level in competitive development and exposure for its High School athletes. Today the Bulldogs offer programs suited to each age group, from basic skills development for junior players, advanced skill and position training for middle school age players, to advanced skills, mental approach and college preparation for high school players.


Having Fun

We are all to aware that work and no play does not lead to the desired outcome. We believe in maintaining a balance of fun and hard work. Too many young prospects are lost to the games pressures and stresses. Part of player development includes helping with the mental aspects of the game and stressing that this is just a game.



Our Academy is part of a nationwide academy program that focuses on the advanced development of players and facilitates their exposure to both college and professional scouts. Our teams will attend national tournaments to give the players maximum exposure and all scouts to track their progress during their high school years. Each team will attend multiple showcases and tournament a year and have the opportunity to compete at the highest levels.