Approach to Training

Pitching is a science, an art and a state of mind

We teach pitchers all aspects of the position. Our training includes the basics of grips, pitches and the mechanics that are at the core of every pitch. We help pitchers understand how to approach an at bat, pitch sequences and placement of the ball. The mental approach of pitching is as important as the physical training. Being able to understand the game, deal with the pressures are essential to any pitcher's developments

Hitting, Catching, the basics and beyond.

We offer training in all of the fundamentals of the game. Our hitting philosophy for example is not believe in pitching machines. They only create bad habits where a player will learn only to hit a pitch in the same location at the same speed. Live pitching, even in batting practice, is the only way to reinforce the correct techniques, which will assist them in the game.

Focus on positional play.

As players develop, they need specific positional training. We help players understand the correct position for their physique and abilities and then focus on teaching the footwork, glovework and nuances of playing that position.

Fitness and Agility

Baseball is a sport and basic fitness and agility is often overlooked in the early stage of a players development. We run a program that introduces agility workouts at an early age, working on improving range, running speed and general reflexes to give the player a significant advantage at the game.