Bulldogs History
Bulldogs History

From its origins in Southern California, the California Bulldogs found their home in San Jose

The Bulldogs program of today was founded in Southern California as Ernie Sarinana wanted to develop his coaching skills during the off-season of his playing career. The California Rockies were based out of Walnut California and were built around a heavy training ethic run out of Pro's school of Baseball.

After three successful seasons, Ernie moved to Northern California and the San Jose area in 2000. Here he established the California Bulldogs travel team. Initially the Bulldogs were based around a field practice methodology and minimal travelling in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the program grew and multiple age groups were introduced the teams success increased from both a player development and competitive results perspective.

In 2005 The Bulldogs found a permanent home, an indoor facility that allowed pitching and hitting practice year round regardless of weather, as well as provide a base of operatins for the growing sports team.

In 2009 the California Bulldogs partnered with one of the leading College Development programs in the country, the ABD Academy. This led to a series of elite teams being built: the ABD Bulldogs, that were specifically designed to play at the highest competitive level and attend showcases around the country to show off their talents to college and professional scouts.

Today the Bulldogs offer programs suited to each age group, from basic skills development for junior players, advanced skill and position training for middle school age players, to advanced skills, mental approach and college preparation for high school players.