Approach to Player Development

Our Hitting Methodology

We do not believe in pitching machines. It only creates bad habits where a player will learn only to hit a pitch in the same location at the same speed. Live pitching, even in batting practice, is the only way to reinforce the techniques which are taught at the San Jose Baseball Training Center. We use other training aids such as hitting off the tee, and many variations of soft toss:

  • Front Toss
  • Lead Arm
  • Swing Trail Arm
  • Swing No Shoulder
  • Swing Side Toss

We believe the best way to learn hitting is by repetition and hard work. We do NOT employ a production environment where everyone is taught to hit the same way. We take the hitter as he is, with his strengths and weaknesses and develop the hitter by building him in terms of confidence and performance. We spend time evaluating the individual and customize our approach to the hitter's style.

Hitting lessons are part of the Bulldogs program, we also offer Hitting lessons to non Bulldogs, please contact us for further information.

Our Defensive Methodology

Development of each player

Baseball is a team sport and we practice as a team. Coaches work with the team working on the fundamentals of defense. Working on positioning, footwork, glove work and teaching the angles of approach and reaction for each position.

As players develop in skill and age, we structure training to suit their needs, this can range from specific range extension exercises for shortstop, weights and squats for catchers, to careful development of the core and arm for pitchers. Each concept is introduced slowly and catered to each position / player.