From development to serious competition

The California Bulldogs is a baseball program focused around the development of young players in a competitive baseball environment. The program is structured to be a multi-year system growing and adapting as each player gets older. Starting at 10 and Under, a suitably motivated player can progress through the system through to college age.

Want to join for the Bulldogs?

We periodically have openings on our Bulldog teams, please inquire with us for potential opening and to setup tryouts by filling in the this form.

Smooth progression of skills

The California Bulldogs is designed to help the baseball player smoothly advance through each stage of their playing career. Travel Ball is a step up from recreational baseball and can help tune players skills to be ready for high school team tryouts in the freshman year. The program then aligns with High School programs to help the serious player be ready for college baseball

Tournaments and Competition

California Bulldogs Travel Teams play in weekend long baseball tournaments across the San Francisco Bay Area. These are highly competitive games and can be an educational experience and fun for the team. The frequency of tournament play varies depending on the age group of the team.

Training and Baseball Awareness

All Bulldogs attend field practice at least once a week (weather permitting) at local fields for 2 hours. This is used to develop fundamental position skills and defensive awareness. In addition each player attends 1 hours hitting instruction at the training facility per week, where advanced hitting instruction is provided.

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